Model: 2009

2009 BMW 5 2.5b

BMW 5-or fifth series BMWs are business class cars. Released since 1972. The station wagon version has been available since 1991. The Fifth Series was named the “new series” after the V-8 and Isetta era, and was changed to distinguish the old and new sedans. The current marking is from the E12 5-series model.

2009 Audi A6 2.4b

Audi A6-afamily of business-class cars produced under the Audi brand, the internal designation is “type C.” The Audi 100 premiered in 1968, and since August 1994, the range has been called the A6. Unlike the Audi 80/A4, where the renaming coincided with the release of the new model, the first A6 was a restyled version […]

2009 Volkswagen Passat 2.0b

The Volkswagen Passat isa mid-size Volkswagen car. It has been produced since 1973. The car is currently produced at Volkswagen plants in Emden, Zwickau (Germany) and other plants. The name Passat comes from the wind of the same name.

2009 Toyota Corolla 1.6 Advanced

Toyota Corolla – Elegant sedan style, superior aerodynamics and iconic interior design. Today, the legendary Corolla reflects premium quality, both inside and out. Spacious interior, comfortable seats, and innovative technology will allow you to feel the pleasure of driving in a new way.